group stories

Baptist Student Ministries – Lufkin, TX

I have considered it a blessing, the opportunities our group has been given by working for Fireworks Superstore.
Our group of college kids and adults alike have all been able to go on mission trips to Acuna, Mexico with the funds raised at the superstore. Just the same as any college student or church of small membership, fundraising is hard.The fireworks superstore has enabled us to raise enough funds to supply 20-25 people the opportunity to grow the Kingdom. Our first time at the warehouse, supplied for rental vans for our trip, a weeks worth of food for 20 people, and money to build a home in Mexico. Also, this allowed for us to purchase groceries for families in Mexico, financial help for others in the mission field with us, and other necessities on the trip. We have “worked” three July seasons and two Christmas seasons over the past three years. It has blessed so many far beyond the financial. I can not express in words the blessings we have received. All the glory goes to Jesus Christ, and with these opportunities, more people are beginning a new relationship with Him.
In Christ,
Will Bosley (former)
Dir. Baptist Student Ministries

Family Faith Church 24-7 Youth Ministries- Huntsville, TX

Thank you for allowing our youth group to take part in the most profitable fundraiser we’ve ever done. We bought a new sound system, including speakers and a 32 channel sound board, for our youth center, and had money left to do other needed projects for our youth center. This was also very profitable for camp fundraising. I recommend this money raising activity. With the three locations we worked, we were able to raise almost

Lane Arnold
Family Faith Church Youth Pastor